Bluejaks: a tribute to the sounds of Atlantic, Stax and Motown

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How do I book you, or make an enquiry?

Email on

Telephone Kev on 07899960636

How much do you charge?

It depends on the event and how far we have to travel - every event is different so we charge accordingly. We will give you a firm quote with no hidden extras at the time of your enquiry.

What type of events can you play at?

Over the years we have played corporate events, private functions, May Balls, festivals, showgrounds, market squares, pubs, clubs, weddings, anniversary parties, and far!

Are you reliable?

The Bluejaks been performing regularly for the last 5 years and never missed, or have been late for a gig. We understand that you will be entrusting us with a very important occasion. I assure you we will do our best to repay your confidence.

How long can you play for?

Either two sets of 50 mins or one longer set (+ encores).

How far do you travel?

We are based in Nottingham/Derby and have travelled as far 100 miles to gig. However we can only travel long distances on a Saturday (there may also be a surcharge to our usual fee).

What kind of music do you play?

Soul and old-style R'n'B music primarily, all classics from Motown, Stax, Atlantic era: the music revived by the Commitments and Blues Brothers movies and some more modern material. The vibe is to fill the dance floor with music which has a timeless appeal. A full set list is available.

What do you wear?

Suited and booted is our standard stage wear: We can also do full evening dress, if the occasion demands it e.g. Formal Ball. Weddings are typically evening dresses and suits.

How loud are you?

We adjust the sound levels to suit the venue and the audience. Please bear in mind that a big live band will not be as quiet as listening to the radio at home! We travel with a full PA and lighting rig and a qualified sound engineer who controls the sound levels and mix.

Is a live band better than a disco?

We think so, but you would expect us to say that! A live band can read the audience and react with changes in pace and feeling instantly and is usually better suited to a wider audience age range. A common complaint of discos is that they play too loud and the DJ may be intrusive.

Can you provide recorded music during your breaks?

Yes - we have a CD and MP3 player built into our PA system. The cradle accepts all ipods. You can even bring your own ipod and playlists to play through our system.

How much space do you need?

Ideally 3m x 5m as a minimum but we've been known to squeeze into tighter spaces!

How long does it take you to set up?

About 90 minutes - that's to allow a decent sound check as well as humping all the gear into the venue . Organisers should be aware that it does takes time to set up all the equipment and once it is set up, it's not movable.

Usually, we will set up before the event at a time when we will cause least disruption. It is worth allowing up to 2 hours for us to do this as there is a lot to do and a lot to get right in terms of the sound check. The sound check itself takes around 30 mins during which time we will usually play 2 or three songs to make sure all the equipment is working and that the sound is right for the venue. Every venue is different, therefore we have to mix the sound according to the venue we're in at the time.

Weddings usually take the most planning. Where the reception and evening do are in the same location, thought is needed to plan a window of opportunity for us to set up and sound check. This is something we will discuss in detail closer to the day.

How long does it take you to pack down?

About 45 minutes.

Do we need to feed you?

We don't expect to be fed or watered but what is good is when we are informed to whether the band are included in the catering numbers. We wouldn't assume to join a queue for food if we are unsure. Sometimes we are invited to join the buffet or to have a drink from the bar. The choice is yours, but please tell us what your choice is so that we don't offend anyone.

Please be assured that none of the band will over indulge. That's because we want to be as professional as possible, not cause offence and most of all - actually be able to play our instruments!

Food and drink is at the discretion of the client. All we ask is that you let us know so that we can make suitable arrangements.

Are you insured? Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes - public liability insurance for £10m per venue and PAT tested to meet the requirements of public venues.

What are your payment terms?

A 25% deposit secures the booking and the balance payable at the event

Is there anything the band need to know before the gig?

  1. Date, Time, Location

  2. Type of event, Likely audience

  3. What sort of room is it?

  4. Will we have mains electricity? How many feeds and are there RCD breakers?

  5. Is the venue fitted with sound pressure meters?

  6. Is there a dressing room/band room?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please don't hesitate to ask us - if you're happy, then we're happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

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